The World of the Mind - Summary

Josef Fric

The World of the Mind


The book The World of the Mind
• Dedication
• Introduction
• The Fundamental Mistakes in One's Perception of the World
• Three Types of People According to Their State of Mind
• Ego - the Constructed Idea of the Mind "I Am a Body"
• The Main Sources of the Ego
• Is There a God in This View of the World?
• Dreams
• Miracles
• Happiness
• Love
• Is My Life Directed by Fate or My Own Will?
• Doubts
• Path to the Freedom
• Yoga
• Dhyana-yoga - The Path of Meditation
• Jnana-yoga - The Path of Knowledge
• Karma-yoga - The Path of Renunciation of Results of Actions
• Bhakti-yoga - The Path of Devotion
• God's Grace - The Self-experience
• The Guru
• The Properties of a Seeker
• Summary
• Recommended Methods and Literature
• Self-enquiry
• The Age of Demon Kali
• In Conclusion
• Literature
The book Siva and Parvati
The book Strange Dream

• Sri Ramana Asramam
• Sri Brahmam
• Athithi Asram
• Gurujee Ojaswee Sharma
• Sri Nanna Garu
• Amma
• Mahatma Gandhi
• Yogi Ram Surat Kumar
• Yoga in daily life
• ISKCON - Hare Krishna
• Yatharth Gita
• Bhagavad Gita
• Volvox Globator
• Sri Ramana Asramam


"O son of Prtha, the attributes of one destined to have the demoniacal nature are religious ostentation, pride and haughtiness, anger as also rudeness and ignorance. " Bhagavadgita 16.4.

     All of people's problems are caused by their own ignorance. This ignorance originates from people's not distinguishing between the objective world and its subjective perception and experiencing. People do not live in the real world, but only in an imagination of the world produced in their minds. Hardly anyone understands how much the state of their mind defines the world they live in.
     An ignorant mind automatically separates that part of the world demonstrated as the body from the experienced imagination of the world, and labels it "I". Subsequently, it establishes a number of relations between this "I" and the other parts of the imagination. These relations demonstrate themselves as desires, dependencies and attachments. Their non-fulfilment goes to develop various problems, traumas and emotional conduct. Thus, a being loses control over its mind completely, losing itself in a labyrinth of false notions which often do not even correspond to the perceived world.
     The only path leading to peace, contentment and happiness is the elimination of ignorance and its consequences from the mind. One needs to steadily observe the mind a try to control it. By consistently observing the mind, we must realise the experienced reality and how it came to be, reveal all attachments and constructed bondage that obstruct a contented existence, and remove them from the mind effectively. We must reveal the various relations between the body and the mind. Spiritual bondage is demonstrated physically as paths running from the head down the length of the body, as pain and pressure seizing and restricting the free flow of the bodily energies. By realising them and focusing your attention on them, on their origin and proceeding, you will eliminate them easily, more easily than mere try intellectually understand them. Mainly, however, one must love God, submit to Him, give Him all that burdens one's mind, and thus liberate oneself, however paradoxical it sounds to many.
     What awaits us? Liberating the spirit from the matter brings a state of indescribable freedom. Moreover, the ego stops seizing the body permanently and the body calms down, releases all tension and also abides in a state of previously unknown content. The mind and the body will still be able to carry out all the important activities, but they will not be able to endanger the internal happiness. This is the perfect state one can achieve, and there is nothing that could surpass it.

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