The World of the Mind - Self-enquiry

Josef Fric

The World of the Mind


The book The World of the Mind
• Dedication
• Introduction
• The Fundamental Mistakes in One's Perception of the World
• Three Types of People According to Their State of Mind
• Ego - the Constructed Idea of the Mind "I Am a Body"
• The Main Sources of the Ego
• Is There a God in This View of the World?
• Dreams
• Miracles
• Happiness
• Love
• Is My Life Directed by Fate or My Own Will?
• Doubts
• Path to the Freedom
• Yoga
• Dhyana-yoga - The Path of Meditation
• Jnana-yoga - The Path of Knowledge
• Karma-yoga - The Path of Renunciation of Results of Actions
• Bhakti-yoga - The Path of Devotion
• God's Grace - The Self-experience
• The Guru
• The Properties of a Seeker
• Summary
• Recommended Methods and Literature
• Self-enquiry
• The Age of Demon Kali
• In Conclusion
• Literature
The book Siva and Parvati
The book Strange Dream

• Sri Ramana Asramam
• Sri Brahmam
• Athithi Asram
• Gurujee Ojaswee Sharma
• Sri Nanna Garu
• Amma
• Mahatma Gandhi
• Yogi Ram Surat Kumar
• Yoga in daily life
• ISKCON - Hare Krishna
• Yatharth Gita
• Bhagavad Gita
• Volvox Globator
• Sri Ramana Asramam


"But in the case of those of whom that ignorance of theirs becomes destroyed by the knowledge (of the Self), their Knowledge, like the sun, reveals that supreme Reality."Bhagavadgita 5.16.

Self-enquiry is a practical method for removing all obstacles from one’s mind. Any feeling, any emotion, any tendency, any distraction should be examined by this method. It is very easy and you need nothing else than your own determination. It is possible to use this method in any situation, at any time, at any place. Whenever you find that any disturbing thought or feeling arises in your mind, immediately ask: "To whom did this thought belong ?" There is only one response for this question: "To Me." Next question should immediately come: "Who Am I ?" There is no verbal answer for this question.

Just try quietly to imagine who is your feeling of your existence. At the beginning, for most people, it will be the Ego (ahamkara), not the Self (atman), but that it is not a problem. We have to know our enemy first before we can defeat him. So use this method as much as possible, it will help you to understand what it means if you say or think "I."

There is one important thing. Never ask "Why did this happen?" but always keep your focus upon the One, who is source of all, upon your "I" by using the question "Who Am I?" There is only one real final solution for this question, but trying to find "Why" has no end at all.

Using this method will show you the source of all your troubles naked, undressed from all lies, distractions, mistakes, tendencies and dependencies. And those, who will be able to completely use this method, can reach the state when they will be worthy to obtain the greatest Bliss, the Grace of the God.

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